Presentation of our collective

Our collective of men and women is totally independent from any political or religious obedience.
It was created in September 12th,2015 in Argenton-sur-Creuse with a common objective:
to encourage the welcoming in our region of people who are fleeing from wars and persecutions.

For a too long time, -months or years-, some populations have been obliged of leaving their countries to escape death. Some families are abandoning everything (their jobs, their properties, their social and familial network) to save their lives and their children’s lives. Considering the most important exodus of population since the Second World War and conscious of the sufferings of thousands of rootless people, we can’t decently remain indifferent.

Even if the Region Centre is far from French borders and further from Eastern ones, WE are fully concerned by these tragic events. That’s the reason why WE- French and European citizens -want to take part in the welcoming of refugees, with modesty and efficiency, together with the state services and the professional associations. It is a question of dignity: the dignity of these men and women who have lost everything. And it is OUR dignity as well.

According to us, welcoming is:

What is welcoming

That’s why we are willing to create a group of solidarity

To face the emergency by welcoming refugees in our region, to ask politicians to conform to what is at stake, to inform inhabitants and to make them aware of our actions, to associate all the actors concerned of our civil society to our action.


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